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Clark Fish Launched ‘Every Dish Begins With Fish’ Campaign


Clark Fish, a seafood distribution business in the United States, recently launched its “Every Dish Begins With Fish” campaign, an initiative that promotes the health benefits of fish and other seafood.


The objective of this campaign is to encourage consumers to consume more fish and to inform them of the health benefits of fish over meat products. Although meat is predominant in the society today, Clark Fish hopes to make people see the benefits of a diet that is rich in seafood. These benefits include seafood’s ability to lower the risk of heart diseases, high blood pressure, and strokes, due to its high content of omega 3 fatty acids, also known as “good fats” that protect the heart and maintain the blood’s pH balance. The campaign also wants to emphasize the benefits of seafood in weight loss, thanks to the low calorie levels found in seafood.


To further encourage consumers to start introducing more fish and seafood dishes in their homes, Clark Fish is now offering and delivering all types of fresh seafood to consumers’ homes.


Far from being just a delivery company, Clark Fish is also an expert in fish and seafood. The company is highly knowledgeable and experienced in inspecting fish and seafood to make sure that they are of the highest quality before they are sent out to clients. Whereas other fish vendors may not be fully equipped and trained to determine the quality of fish, Clark Fish knows how good or how bad each and every fish will taste after inspection.


After making sure that all fish and seafood products are good and healthy, Clark Fish then delivers them door-to-door, thus making fresh and healthy fish more accessible to consumers. Now that Clark Fish makes their fresh fish stocks available to all consumers, homeowners can serve their families with the same fish that is served at 4-star restaurants and hotels.


Fish is highly perishable, which is one of the reasons many consumers find them difficult to buy. Clark Fish solves this problem by using proper packaging composed of gel packs and/or dry ice placed in an insulated cooler to keep the fish fresh while in transit. This helps relieve consumers’ fears of receiving spoiled fish. Less experienced fish and seafood vendors who do not have the capital to fund or the access to the right packaging equipment will not be able to deliver fish of the same quality as what Clark Fish delivers to consumers’ homes.


Clark Fish’ highly experienced and well-equipped fish supply and delivery service works hand in hand with the company’s ‘Every Dish Begins With Fish’ campaign. The company’s work goes beyond offering fresh fish and seafood to consumers; it extends further into helping consumers achieve better health, better weight, and longer lives. To achieve this, Clark Fish not only hopes to inform consumers about the health benefits of fish but also makes it easy for them to follow through on their seafood-rich diets.


The company currently specializes in fresh and frozen tuna, which is considered a delicacy in the fish industry. But in order to appeal to all seafood enthusiasts, the company offers a generous selection of fresh fish that consumers can choose from so they can enjoy different but all equally delicious seafood dishes regularly.


Clark Fish is registered with the FDA and is currently operating in an HACCP approved facility. It is inspected regularly by the Florida Department of Agriculture, thus ensuring the quality, freshness, cleanliness, and safety of food products offered and delivered by Clark Fish.


For the greater benefit of fish enthusiasts and seafood lovers, Clark Fish also offers discount coupons to regular customers. Those who wish to receive discount coupons can simply sign up for the Clark Fish newsletter. For more information about Clark Fish and their fresh and healthy fish selections, just go to